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Dr P.Gopal Reddy is a Best Orthopaedician in Hyderabad, working as a Consultant Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad. He has around 20 years of experience in performing a wide range of Total Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries with 100% success rate

He is one of the leading and highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons in Hyderabad with 20+ years of excellence in performing orthopaedic surgeries including primary knee replacement surgery, complex knee replacement surgery, revision knee replacement surgery, primary hip replacement surgery, complex hip replacement surgery, and revision hip replacement surgery.

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Hip Replacement Surgery: Procedure And Recovery

Hip replacement surgery is the second most common joint replacement surgery after knee replacement. Most of the people suffer from hip arthritis, but it can be challenging to know when is the right time for hip replacement surgery. Also, there is uncertainty about...

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Hip Replacement Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Hip replacement surgery has increased in India in recent years, especially among older and some of the younger patients (incase of a fall) and its is increasing. Non-surgical treatments and physiotherapy are available for patients, which have been proven to be very...

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